Monday, February 25, 2008

Walking on the water

What must have a boat house? There must be a boat, it should be a home to care for their environment, it has to be built with materials very different from the usual, and it must seem like a home.

Staffan Strindberg initiated the project for a specific customer but without a specific place, so he had to shape an imaginary place to start.

Through an expression of modern design and form, Villa Näckros has been developed to offer comfortable, exclusive water side living close to nature.

A residence with leading words as; sustainability, low maintenance, development of materials and building, care for the environment, low energy costs, identity.

Näckros Villa sits securely and stably in the water with its 165 ton constructed weight and is impervious to wind.

A Näckros Villa is constructed with material recycling potential as a starting point. New techniques and carefully chosen materials have resulted in a house that is extremely comfortable to live in and is in many parts recyclable.

Heating is provided by a pump, which draws heat from the surrounding water. Heat is distributed through the house through water bearing under floor heating. Two-way air ventilation can be found throughout the house. As far as possible, the house has been designed to meet demands in respect of both energy and environment.

A comfortable living and a lay-out that gives you the optimal feeling of the closeness to the water.

area : 178 sqm of living area, 30 sqm terrace close to the water and a 100sqm "garden" on the roof.

Achitect : Staffan Strindberg

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