Monday, December 17, 2007

ZeroHouse 100% autonomous

Do you know a House which designed to operate autonomously and generates its own electrical power ? Let me introduce you to ZeroHouse.

ZeroHouse is a 650-square-foot prefabricated house designed to operate autonomously, with no need for utilities or waste connections. It generates its own electrical power from the high-efficiency solar panels and then stores it in a battery backup. Once completely charged, the home can run efficiently for a week without a hint of sunlight. It collects and stores rainwater, and processes all waste.

ZeroHouse also collects water into a 2,700 gallon cistern, which then distributes it by the force of gravity as needed to other parts of the home. The house, fully air-conditioned and heated, is configured to comfortably support four adults with two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a kitchen/dining room, and a living room. In addition, two elevated exterior terraces and an outdoor shower extend the living spaces.

Conceived by architect Scott Specht, AIA, of Specht Harpman, zeroHouse can be used in remote or ecologically sensitive locations. It can be installed in places unsuitable for standard construction, including in water up to 10-feet deep or on slopes of up to 35 degrees. ZeroHouse employs a helical-anchor foundation system that touches the ground at only four points and disturbs the ground to a minimal degree. The tubular steel frame can withstand winds of up to 140 mph, and the living modules feature flexible attachment points to the frame to allow for deflection and movement without damage.

The design and engineering work on the project was funded by a venture capital group with the intent of creating a start-up company to produce and market zeroHouse. Initial studies indicate that zeroHouse will sell for approximately $350,000.

Pretty incredible little House!

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