Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Camden Building Quality Awards 2007

The Camden Building Quality Awards are held bi-annually and have been running since 2003. These awards compliment the Camden design awards by focusing on the quality of construction and the construction process rather than the design aspects of the built environment. The award scheme celebrates the way that we build and what we build and hopes to help raise the standard of construction throughout the Borough. The Building Regulations are constantly changing and issues around sustainability and inclusive design are of particular importance. The recent changes in legislation and guidance in these areas has ensured the benchmark to meet these requirements has been raised. All the nominations are from projects that have been completed within the last two years

This new private house design by Monahan Blythen Architects has won several awards for sustainability and is a good example of clean and attractive design based on ecological principles. Sustainable design options were considered throughout the project. The floors are made of recycled teak from a village hall and maple from squash courts and have under-floor heating. In the walls there is 8 inches of sheep's wool insulation to make life really cozy. There are solar panels on the roof, which is quite low-tech--constructed of plywood with patinated copper shingles. Each floor has a balcony with wonderful views overlooking the city. The staircase curves upwards and floats thus allowing the heat to rise from the basement.Rain water is harvested in recycled orange juice containers that provide all the water for the garden and the front path is made of left over paving and existing bricks from the original house. The Kitchen work tops are old school lab benches and the new kitchen table top is made from recycled plastic.

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