Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MY Project 05 -the HIDE - How can we see beyond the surface of forms

The requirement for this project was to design a small enclosure for a specific purpose in a sensitive coastal location in The Kench Nature Reserve on Hayling Island.

It was a very nice project, we had to understand the context and the environment arounded the Hide. Moreover, we had to use a restricted palette of materials, essentialy Wood. We had 5 weeks to finish.

The choice of the location will determine the final design, as Christopher Day said :

"Places are spaces with identity- 'Spirit of place'. They have some degree of spatial containment - boundaries- and some field influence - heart. As the qualities of places have so much effect on us, how can we see beyond the surface of forms into the effects they have on space - and consequently on place?"

We had to undertake an anthropometric study to understand the postures necessary for the activity in the hide.

"... a comfortable position, even if it were the most comfortable in the world, would not be so for very long... the necessity of changing one's position in an important factor often forgotten..." Eero Saarinen

I let you appreciate some render I have done.
Give me your comments or questions

"The plan is the generator... without a plan you have a lack of order, and willfulness - The plan holds in itself the essence of sensation..." Le Corbusier

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