Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wind Generator by Bil Becker

Professor Bil Becker worked with Buckminster Fuller and has developed helical turbines which use centrifugal force to efficiently harness the power of the wind.

These compact turbines can be located on top of buildings, or attached to other parts of large structures like bridges.
Reasonably sized and modestly priced, the turbines may be used in urban locations. For many years, a fellow named Bil Becker has been hard at work developing his Aerotecture turbines. The turbines are elegant devices which incorporate both Savonius and Darrieus styles into one turbine.

There is no reason a city with its ample wind and sunshine, couldn’t generate all of its own power, helping people unplug from its addiction to nuclear power.

The advantages of these kinds of turbines are numerous. They are much more bird-friendly than typical bladed wind turbines. The bladed turbines become "invisible" to birds once they reach speeds of abo
ut 400 RPMs. At these speeds, the blades blur, and birds cannot see them. Becker's Aerotecture turbines are always visible, even at their highest speeds, which literally cannot exceed about 250 RPMs.

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