Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Synthetic slates

The company Polco developed a slate of synthetic roofing, Polyard®, having same aspect as natural slate while being twice lighter and resisting better to the bad weather. They are obtained by moulding of mix polyurethane / sand. Then, they are covered with an anti-UV film. Raw materials come from abundant resources as sand or renewable quickly as the castor oil used for the polyurethan synthesis. The manufacturing process is little energy-consuming. These slates are recyclable : once crushed, they are added at the raw material to produce new synthetic slates. This allows a less consumption in virgin raw materials.

The apparent face of slates is protected by a coating pigmented slate, hydrophobic, anti UV, and resistant to an aggressive environment : not cleared or tarnished effect, resistance to the hail, not stagnation of water. A polyard® plate contains the equivalent of 6 natural slates.

Polyard® slates benefit of an Atex (technical appreciation of experimentation) of the CSTB (scientific and technical center of building).

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