Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Green on 19 by Jesse Bornsteinis

The "Green on 19" Project recently completed by the Architect Jesse Bornsteinis a town home project on 19th Street in Santa Monica with environmentally features.

This project was to integrate green technologies and materials within a modern design sensibility on a larger scale to act as a catalyst.

It received a lot of ink for being a very green development, i.e., for having solar panels, low water landscaping, double-sided EcoSmart ethanol burner, high efficiency ac, bamboo cabinetry, dual-glazed windows that provide abundant natural light and ventilation and many other features.

The design with its serial pattern and clean dipartite formal composition capped with semi-transparent bi-facial photovoltaic solar canopies that provide shade for roof decks as well as over 3, 000kwh of electricity generation per year for each unit, these townhomes are made to incite excitement and a sense of optimism for a sustainable future.

Also at the core of each house is an ethanol burning fireplace that is encased in the same FSC-certified bamboo laminate that is used throughout the project for cabinetry and flooring.

Orther features include low flow plumbing equipment and fixtures and 100% drought tolerant landscaping. All rainwater is retained on site for irrigation use and urban runoff mitigation. HVAC equipment exceeds 90% efficiency and uses non-toxic refrigerant.

In addition to its active green features, each townhome has been designed to take the greatest possible advantage of natural light and ventilation.

Project details

* Project Name: Green on 19 Sustainable Townhomes
* Location of Site: Santa Monica, CA, USA
* Design Team: Jesse Bornstein AIA, Myung Jong Lee, David Peartree AIA
* Project Type: Multi-Family Residential
* Site Area: 8000 sf
* Built-up Area: 3959 sf
* Date of completion: March, 2008

Excellent article in the Los Angeles Times

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Kathy said...

I love how the house was designed according to the green vision. Having natural resources for a source of light will not just let a home have a lower cost of living but as well as that chance to help save the environment. The interior is also remarkable. I love the integrate green technology and also the use of other materials such as bamboo. I would love to visit the houses and other furniture and flooring showrooms. Thanks for sharing. I hope more green house architecture will follow.

2D Drawings said...

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