Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eco wood By Exwood

Exwood is an eco-friendly material, it looks, feels and has many of the same characteristics as wood. It can be worked in the same ways as wood with the same tools. Exwood is a composite material made from a combination of the waste organic fibre rice husk and PVC plastic.

Exwood is a truly eco positive material. Unlike many other wood alternatives Exwood is made from 50% rice husk as opposed to using wood powder and so has a true grain affect unlike many WPCs (wood plastic composites).

Exwood is a unique SPC (silicon plastic composite), it does not have the 'plastic' looking texture of WPC's but a mat wood like finish which is incredibly similar to natural wood.

In the past there existed two problems for such an eco-friendly wood-alternative; there wasn't any material that shared the same physical characteristics and workability as timber; and it was too expensive to create such a material.

After years of research and analysis, Exwood noted that mixed with rice husk, PVC was the base polymer whose characteristics were closest to the requirements in terms of mechanical properties, resistance to atmospheric agents, workability and most importantly, price.

Exwood can be processed using conventional thermoplastic processes such as extrusion and injection moulding. Presently the technology enables the material to be made with over 50% (by weight) of organic fibre (rice husk) in the composite matrix.

Since the production of Exwood requires no virgin wood resource and does not contain any wood preservative, plus Exwood incorporates recycled plastic from post consumer window frames which would otherwise be sent to land fill, it is an environmentally superior material.

Exwood can negate much of the need for deforestation and requires effectively no maintenance, that is no varnishes, no paints, no thinners - no chemicals.

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