Monday, June 23, 2008

Masdar Headquarters set a new paradigm

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture has won an international competition to design the Masdar Headquarters, the first building in the zero waste, zero carbon emission Masdar City outside of Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. The Masdar Headquarters will be the first mixed-use positive energy building in the world. AS+GG worked with MEP engineers Environmental Systems Design and structural engineers Thornton Tomasetti on the design.

The roof is entirely covered by 1,4 million square feet (=130000 m2) solar panels. the roof covering a building is absolutely gigantic. The building will also have integrated wind turbines, solar-driven cooling and de-humidification will consumpt 70% less water than other building of its size. They decided to make the building process as green as possible by building the solar roof first - that way it alone will produce enough energy to power the rest of the construction. It’s very encouraging to see progress like this in the sustainable building field.

"Masdar Headquarters will set a new paradigm for the way buildings are designed, constructed and inhabited," said Gordon Gill, partner, AS+GG. "The project represents the perfect integration of architecture and engineering, resulting in a dynamic, inviting building that outperforms any other structure of its type in the world.". The building will cost over $300 million.

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