Monday, October 08, 2007

Frank Lloyd Wright boathouse in Buffalo opens to the public

A world-famous architect’s design is coming to life on Buffalo’s waterfront. The newly-opened Frank Lloyd Wright Boathouse was originally designed for the University of Wisconsin.

It took over 100 years to take the design from paper to construction, but the Frank Lloyd Wright Boathouse on the Niagara River is now officially open, and the new building is exactly how the architect designed it.

The idea to resurrect the design nearly 50 years after Wright's death — the architect died in 1959 — came at a conference of Wright scholars a decade ago.

"This is really a piece of modern architecture that still looks modern, even though it was modern 102 years ago," says Marks, who heads the corporation.

The boathouse marks the latest addition to Buffalo's contingent of Wright structures, which includes the Blue Sky Mausoleum, Graycliff Estate and Darwin Martin House.

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