Saturday, August 26, 2006

Better buildings: Designing for water efficiency

To start with I found recentely a site very interesting who promote sustainable development by ensuring that the environment is at the heart of decision-making.
Green Alliance’s.

I invite you to see this article.
Better buildings: Designing for water efficiency

"The south east of England, where the Government plans to build an extra
200,000 homes above current growth targets by 2016 as part of the Sustainable
Communities Planii has less annual rainfall per head of population than Istanbul.
The previous Regional Planning Guidance target of 900,000 new homes brings the
total new homes in the area to over a million. Although the average annual rainfall
for England and Wales is around 900mm, in a dry year the south east may receive
only around 260mm.The summer months are predicted to get drier as climate
change accelerates."
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Fmstyle said...

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Wahaso said...

These planned communities offer an excellent opportunity to efficiently capture and harvest rainwater, stormwater and greywater. Why flush toilets with drinking water?? Why water landscaping with water that has been carefully prepared for drinking?

But it takes foresight and a long term view to make the economics work in the short term. If you would like more information on water harvesting - particularly in commercial and institutional buildings, visit
. In addition to good general information on water harvesting, there is a rainwater calculator that will determine the amount of rainwater available to a building for harvesting. It will also calculate the amount of harvested water necessary to flush toilets in a building.